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New Park Board sworn in with NPA majority

NPA Park Board Caucus

NPA Park Board Commissioners Erin Shum, John Coupar, Sarah Kirby-Yung and Casey Crawford at VanDusen Gardens for inaugural Park Board meeting

An NPA Park Board majority was sworn into office last night at the Board’s inaugural meeting held at VanDusen Botanical Garden. NPA Commissioner John Coupar is joined on the Park Board by the NPA’s Casey Crawford, Sarah Kirby-Yung and Erin Shum.

At the meeting, Coupar was acclaimed Chair of the Park Board and Kirby-Yung was acclaimed Vice Chair.

Also joining the new Park Board are Stuart Mackinnon and Michael Wiebe from the Green Party and Catherine Evans from Vision Vancouver.

As Chair, Coupar congratulated all of the board members on their election and thanked the outgoing Commissioners for their commitment and the work they have done on behalf of parks and recreation in Vancouver.

Among the key priorities and commitments of the new board, Coupar noted the significance of VanDusen as the venue for the inaugural Park Board meeting — a break in the tradition of having the inaugural meeting at the Park Board office.

It was done, Coupar said, to indicate the high priority and passion the new board has for gardens and horticulture and as a first step in a plan to move a number of Park Board meetings out into the neighbourhoods of Vancouver to increase public access to the board.

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An NPA government supports responsible economic development that respects the health and safety of the City’s environment


October 5, 2014, Vancouver BC – The protection of Burrard Inlet and the BC coast is vital to Vancouver’s economy, the Non-Partisan Association’s mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe says, adding the NPA is proud of Vancouver’s history of shipping Canada’s goods and services to the world through its port.

LaPointe says an NPA government will participate in the National Energy Board process through intervener status and will act as a strong advocate for Vancouver’s interests.

“The NEB process is in place to review projects such as Kinder Morgan’s. Gregor Robertson has rejected it out of hand yet it has barely begun. That’s typical of his refusal to listen to viewpoints that differ from his own.”

He adds: “Any approved activity must provide strong protection for Vancouver’s environment.”

“Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver’s rigid ideology have hamstrung our economy. He is ashamed of our economy, and that has contributed to Vancouver having the lowest family income growth of major Canadian cities,” says LaPointe.

“The NPA will protect our environment and responsibly grow our economy.”

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NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe vows no Vancouver child will go hungry under his leadership


LaPointe calls it “shameful” that thousands of kids are going to school on an empty stomach

Vancouver BC, September 17, 2014 - Kirk LaPointe says as mayor, he will develop nutrition programs in partnership with other organizations to ensure no Vancouver child goes to school hungry.

“From the day I announced my candidacy in July, I vowed to tackle this problem, which is nothing short of shameful in a city as wealthy as Vancouver,” says LaPointe. In a video released today, he says, “I grew up in poverty in a single-parent flat. My mother worked in a factory. Many mornings I went to school hungry.”

LaPointe says, “To this day, I can still remember the sharp sting of profound hunger. I can still feel my mother’s stress around that struggle to survive.”

LaPointe says it is unconscionable that Gregor Robertson has been mayor for six years, yet there are still thousands of struggling children who start their school days on an empty stomach. “How is this happening in 2014?”

“Gregor Robertson and Vision had ample time to tackle this serious social issue. A compassionate city government invests in its kids. I don’t see the current Vision team doing that.”

LaPointe says it’s great to talk about green jobs but there are priorities, and feeding a city’s kids is the top one for him.

He said he would partner with private-sector and non-profit organizations to develop breakfast programs that the City could co-ordinate. “That way, each child would attend school properly nourished, with the potential to learn, develop and flourish. That is the city I envision. That is the Vancouver I want.”

Link to Kirk LaPointe video release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZXP5nf0R7c

Mr. LaPointe is available for media interviews today.

Contact: Ann Gibbon, media@npavancouver2014.ca

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Vision Vancouver administration fails City’s struggling Punjabi Market neighbourhood


NPA government would help revitalize shuttered stretch of Main Street that has declined under Gregor Robertson

September 8, 2014, Vancouver BC – The once-flourishing Punjabi Market in South Vancouver has become a ghost town of shuttered businesses, yet the City’s mayor has done nothing to help support the community as it faces hardships, Non-Partisan Association mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe says in a video released today.

“The Vision Vancouver machine has failed this area,” says LaPointe.

Jay Jagpal, NPA Park Board Commissioner candidate, lives in the Punjabi Market area. His family’s South Vancouver roots extend to 1971.

Speaking in Punjabi in a video release, Jagpal says “this neighbourhood needs a government that is directly connected to it and cares about it, and that’s the change the NPA is offering.”

The stretch of Main Street between 48th and 51st Avenue once boasted a variety of retail outlets, restaurants and other South Asian cultural offerings. It is now a strip of empty stores, their windows papered over and displaying “Closed” signs.

An example of the City’s neglect of the struggling community is the India Gate that was to be finished for the 2010 Olympics. The City supported the construction of the project. It was never built.

Mayor Robertson has done nothing to develop plans that would market the area and help restore it to its former vibrancy, says LaPointe.

“When neighbourhoods face tough times, their civic government must step in, build a new plan to support them and help resolve the issue,” says LaPointe. “Mayor Robertson has not done this. But I will.”

Contact: Ann Gibbon, media@npavancouver2014.ca
Interviews in Punjabi are available. Links to a Punjabi translation of this release are below.