on Friday,

NPA expresses best wishes and deepest thanks to Chief Constable Jim Chu on his retirement


Vancouver, B.C., January 23, 2015 – The NPA extends its best wishes and deepest thanks to Chief Constable Jim Chu for his 36-years of selfless service to the citizens of Vancouver. Chief Constable Chu’s leadership of the police force over the past 7-1/2 years has been exemplary and noteworthy for a reduction in serious crime in the city.

The NPA would also like to acknowledge the instrumental role Chief Constable Chu has played in the success of the Vancouver Police Foundation and the innovative policing programs that have been made possible by the foundation’s success; programs that reduce crime and increase awareness of the everyday heroic actions of the women and men of the Vancouver Police Department.

on Thursday,

NPA’s Councillor Elizabeth Ball calls for new Vancouver Outdoor Lighting Ordinance for safe and energy efficient outdoor lighting



Vancouver, B.C. (January 22, 2015) – NPA City Councillor Elizabeth Ball will introduce a motion at the February 3, 2015 Council meeting directing staff to develop recommendations for a Vancouver Outdoor Lighting Ordinance. Councillor Ball recommends that the City develop and enact a bylaw for healthy, safe and energy efficient outdoor lighting in order to reduce harm, set standards, and provide for the designation of “dark-sky preserves within the city.”

A new bylaw will protect human health, sensitive wildlife and save taxpayers money, while offering economic opportunities for communities and businesses. New regulations are necessary in order to reduce excess ambient light without inhibiting the positive and needed services that outdoor fixtures provide. By directing light into a focused beam, rather than allowing it to disperse, fully shielded lighting fixtures reduce light trespass and dangerous glare. Continue reading

on Wednesday,

NPA’s George Affleck calls for review of the 2014 City of Vancouver Civic Election


Vancouver, B.C., January 14, 2015 – NPA City Councillor George Affleck is bringing forward a motion calling for a review of the 2014 City of Vancouver Civic Election. His motion directs staff to report back to Council with any official list of public enquiries submitted to the City of Vancouver regarding the 2014 civic election while also clarifying the processes and procedures during the election and the role of Elections BC.

Affleck notes that there were several media reports of confusion and irregularities at polling stations during the election, including but not limited to, insufficient ballots, inconsistent checking of identification and other technical issues, as well as reports of inconsistent information on the role of Elections BC in the civic election process. Continue reading