April 15, 2010 NPA

AGM Nominations & Motions

Hi all,

The upcoming NPA AGM should be interesting. We have five current board members standing for re-election: Ned Pottinger, John Moonen, Bill Yuen, David Choi and Kirk Miller.

We also have three new members standing for election: Dave Pasin, Jackie Leung and Bill McCreery. We will post bios shortly.

There are also two motions that have been submitted for consideration of the membership.

Moved by the same Bill McCreery that is standing for the board and seconded by David Pasin:

Name Review

Whereas the NPA initials are recognizable as those of Vancouver’s pre-eminent political organization, the Non-Partisan Association [the ‘NPA’], for more than seven decades; and
Whereas Vancouver has evolved into a world renowned, progressive and multi-cultural city; and
Whereas the NPA has also changed considerably, and the time has come to define the organization in terms which accurately reflect its evolving values in a meaningful way to contemporary voters;
Be it resolved that the Board of Directors of the NPA be directed to constitute a Special Review Committee.
[1] The Committee shall review the name of the Non Partisan Association and recommend alternative names for consideration by the membership; such names should preferably retain the ‘NPA’ initials while helping to position the NPA as a group of forward-looking people working toward a better Vancouver;
[2] The Committee shall report its findings and recommendations back to the Board and the membership by no later than two weeks before the date of the Special General Meeting of item [3] below;
[3] the final choice of name shall be determined by the membership at a Special General Meeting to be held on or before 30 June, 2010.

The second motion, moved by Dave and seconded by Bill:

Establish Policy Formulation Sub-Committees to Engage the Membership and the Public

Whereas Vancouver has evolved into a world renowned, progressive and multi-cultural city, in large measure due to the leadership of the Non-Partisan Association [the ‘NPA’]; and

Whereas a political organization should continually evolve to reflect and respond to the concerns, ideas and issues of its society; and

Whereas voters wish to be informed of the general views of a political association regarding the issues concerning their neighbourhood and City in the present and for the future;

Be it resolved:

[1] that the NPA develop ongoing general policy directions as a broad guide for future candidates and party decisions;
[2] the NPA hold regular sessions with various neighbourhoods and communities within Vancouver to assist in the development of such broad policies;
[3] such policies will be updated, debated and adopted by the membership at the Nomination Meeting prior to each election to respond to emerging issues and new ideas, input from candidates, suggestions by voters, etc., as well as the neighbourhood and community consultation in order to reflect the needs and aspirations of our evolving, ever changing City;
[4] the adopted policies will be made available to voters during the subsequent election campaign.

Let the debate begin and we will see you at the AGM 28 April 2010, registration at 6, PM, meeting start 6:30 at the Vancouver Museum, 1100 Chestnut Street in Vancouver.

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