NPA City Councillor Melissa De Genova thrilled by City’s official recognition of “Little Italy” on Commercial Drive

Vancouver, B.C., April 6, 2016 – NPA City Councillor Melissa De Genova says she is thrilled that the City of Vancouver has agreed to officially recognize eight blocks of Commercial Drive as “Little Italy” in time for this year’s Italian Day on the Drive community event in June.

Official recognition of “Little Italy” is the result of two motions brought forward by De Genova, the most recent of which was passed unanimously by City Council today to expedite the designation process and separate it from the Grandview-Woodlands planning process where it had been embedded last June.

De Genova states: “It’s a wonderful day for the Italian community in Vancouver. For many years this stretch of Commercial Drive has been unofficially recognized as Little Italy, but today it’s official. I’m looking forward to seeing the special ‘Little Italy’ banners and painted crosswalks that the community has planned and will begin to roll out quickly. I really have to commend our City staff for expediting the process and making sure the official designation will happen in time for this special event in June. Vancouver prides itself on its multicultural character, and we are fortunate to have Chinatown, Little Saigon, and the Punjabi market as cultural hubs in our city. Today we can add ‘Little Italy’ to the list.”

The motion to formally designate a portion of Commercial Drive as “Little Italy” was originally brought forward by De Genova last June following Italian Day on the Drive in 2015.


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NPA City Councillor Melissa De Genova calls for Moratorium on Medical Marijuana-Related Business Development Permit Applications

“… Council has said no to ride-sharing services such as Uber, claiming that the Provincial government doesn’t have any regulations in place yet, but Council is willing to say yes to marijuana businesses even though the Federal government doesn’t have new regulations in place yet…”
– Melissa De Genova –

Vancouver, B.C., January 31, 2016: NPA City Councillor Melissa De Genova is calling for a moratorium on Medical Marijuana-Related Business Development Permit Applications until such time as the Government of Canada enacts legislation to legalize, regulate and restrict access to marijuana and implements a new regulatory framework and system for marijuana sales and distribution. A motion brought forward by De Genova is on the Vancouver City Council meeting agenda for this coming Tuesday, February 2, 2016. Read more

NPA School Trustee Stacy Robertson discusses VSB Long Range Facilities Plan with CKNW’s Jon McComb

STACY ROBERTSON - NPA SCHOOL TRUSTEEIn case you missed it yesterday, NPA School Trustee Stacy Robertson was on the Jon McComb Show on CKNW  discussing the Vancouver School Board’s Long Range Facilities Plan.

The safety of students and staff is of the utmost importance to everyone in Vancouver, and the Long Range Facilities plan is intended to be a framework that looks at how to achieve that goal through seismic upgrading of schools,

The Long Range Facilities plan is also intended to ensure that Vancouver schools are located where they are needed to meet future demand.

The report was discussed by trustees and stakeholders at the VSB’s Planning and Facilities Committee last Wednesday, January 20, 2016, and is being presented to the Board for consideration at a public Board meeting this coming Monday, January 25, 2016. The plan will then be submitted to the Ministry of Education by January 31, 2016.

Here’s a link to the podcast from the Jon McComb Show.


NPA and Green Party City Councillors will continue to freely represent all residents of Vancouver

Councillors from both parties plan to boycott
Vision’s process to list preferred neighbourhoods

January 20, 2016, Vancouver, B.C. — NPA City Councillors George Affleck, Elizabeth Ball, and Melissa De Genova, along with Green Party City Councillor Adriane Carr, say they will continue to freely represent, and be accessible to, all residents of Vancouver and will boycott Vision’s process to list their preferred neighbourhoods for liaison positions.

The contentious plan, which runs counter to the spirit of Section 138 of Vancouver Charter, and attempts to skirt the Charter’s intent and wording, was pushed through by the Vision majority on Council late this afternoon; without any specific public consultation on the issue.

Section 138 of the Vancouver Charter states that Councillors are to be elected at large to represent all citizens of the city, and any transition to a system of “neighbourhood constituencies” or “wards” requires Council to pass a by-law that must also be approved by the Province’s Lieutenant Governor.

– 30 –

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Motion to recognize Dal Richards’ Life and Legacy carries unanimously at Vancouver City Council

January 19, 2016, Vancouver, B.C. — A motion brought forward by NPA City Councillor Melissa De Genova, to recognize the life and legacy of Dal Richards, has carried unanimously at Vancouver City Council. De Genova says she is very pleased that Council came together to recognize Richards.

“I was a fan of Dal Richards and he was also a dear family friend, I have very special memories of Dal as a person, and also as a musician, including his performance at my wedding. He was a special person and his legacy will live on for future generations through his music,” said De Genova. “I’m looking forward to hearing back from staff on the options they will identify, and working with the family and stakeholders to find a street or place where Vancouver will be reminded of Dal’s contributions to our city.” Read more

NPA Park Board Commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung elected Chair of Vancouver Park Board

December 14, 2015, Vancouver, B.C. – NPA Park Board Commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung was elected as the new Chair of the Vancouver Park Board at tonight’s Park Board meeting. Vancouver’s Park Board commissioners elect a new Chair – to serve for the upcoming year – at their final meeting in December each year.

The Park Board commissioners also elected NPA Park Board Commissioner Erin Shum to serve as Park Board Vice-Chair, NPA Commissioner Casey Crawford to serve as Chair of the Park Board Committee, and NPA Commissioner John Coupar to serve as Vice-Chair of the Committee.

Kirby-Yung says she is honoured to serve as Chair and is looking forward to building on the work of the past year.

“This Board has set a renewed, positive tone and focused on improving maintenance in our parks,” said Kirby-Yung. “Moving forward, our priorities include strengthening relationships with community centres and increased community engagement. We’re also passionate about bringing fun to Vancouver’s parks and recreation services, prioritizing service delivery and resource management, and being strong advocates for green space for all Vancouverites.” Read more

NPA City Councillor Melissa De Genova calls for urgent action to restore heat and hot water for Downtown Eastside hotel residents

December 1, 2015, Vancouver, B.C. – NPA City Councillor Melisa De Genova is calling on the City of Vancouver to show leadership by taking immediate action to have the heat and hot water restored to the tenants of the Lion Hotel at 316 Powell Street in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. She will be bringing forward an urgent motion today asking Council to direct staff to report back on immediate actions the City can take to have the heat and hot water restored to the hotel’s vulnerable tenants.

“It’s unfortunate that the situation at the Lion Hotel has come to this; 60 days is an unacceptable amount of time for a response to an emergency,” said De Genova. “The vulnerable people living in this hotel, like many other residents of the Downtown Eastside, simply don’t have the financial resources to move into other housing when their heat and hot water fail.” Read more

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