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on Thursday,

Vancouver NPA holds AGM at Italian Cultural Centre to elect new directors


Vancouver, B.C., February 26, 2015 – The 2,000 member Vancouver Non-Partisan Association (NPA) held its 2014/15 Annual General Meeting (AGM) last night at the Italian Cultural Centre to elect new directors to the party’s board.

In accordance with the NPA Constitution and By-Laws, the following directors were elected: Gregory Baker, Johnny Cheung, Erin Chutter, Carling Dick, Jay Jagpal, Jason King, Kirk LaPointe, BC Lee, Ken Low, Rob McDowell, Suzanne Scott and Tanveer Siddiqui. Laura Campbell was elected U40 Chair and Paul Tolnai as U40 Vice Chair.

Outgoing NPA President Peter Armstrong, who has served for the past 3 years, will continue as Past-President alongside fellow Directors Susan Gagnon and Rob Boyko.

In addressing the membership, Armstrong highlighted the party’s many gains over the past three years, including the election of 11 candidates to Council, Park Board and School Board, and thanked the assembled members for their ongoing support. Thanks were also expressed to outgoing Directors Katerina Anastasiadis (U40 Chair), Gurjit Dhillon, Nicola Fairweather, Peter Kvarnstrom and Tim Laidler.

NPA Executive Director Natasha Westover updated members on upcoming plans for the NPA and thanked Armstrong for his passion and commitment to the NPA, the city and the citizens of Vancouver.

NPA Treasurer Jason King presented a financial report noting that the NPA ran a fiscally prudent campaign. He also confirmed that a small surplus was generated during the past year which will used for outreach and other engagement activities.

The NPA membership also voted unanimously in favour of a number of minor updates to the NPA By-Laws to bring the By-Laws into alignment with current practice, including officially clarifying that the NPA is a party.



on Monday,

NPA stands by Caucus decision to expel Denike and Woo and will vigorously defend against defamation lawsuit


Vancouver BC, December 22, 2014 – The Vancouver Non-Partisan Association (NPA) stands by the Caucus decision to expel former school trustees Ken Denike and Sophia Woo from the NPA Caucus and will vigorously defend the NPA and Caucus Chair Elizabeth Ball against a defamation lawsuit filed by the pair last Friday, December 19, 2014.

Denike and Woo were formally expelled from the NPA caucus last June following numerous instances of disregard for the NPA’s caucus code of conduct; a code of conduct previously agreed to and signed by all members of the Caucus. Notably, Denike and Woo had chosen to follow their own course in a variety of matters, without consulting the other members of the caucus, including matters related to the LGBTQ+ community and the updating of the Vancouver school board Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities policy.

On June 13, 2014, Denike and Woo held a news conference at the Flamingo House Chinese Restaurant to announce that Vancouver realtors had expressed concerns to them that the Vancouver school district’s “revised policy on sexual orientation and gender identities could negatively impact enrolment of international students” which would in turn increase the school district’s budget deficits. The NPA Caucus had no foreknowledge of the news conference and only learned of it through the media shortly before it took place. The Caucus expelled Denike and Woo later that day.

On June 17, 2014, the NPA board of directors voted unanimously to support the expulsion of Denike and Woo from the NPA Caucus and announced that the pair would not receive the NPA’s endorsement as candidates in the November 2014 municipal election.

on Monday,

Elect Kirk LaPointe For Mayor of Vancouver and the NPA Team


Now, more than ever, Vancouver needs a mayor with strong leadership skills, dedication and integrity to make this great city even greater. Kirk LaPointe is that individual. His personal background, career achievements and values make him the right person to lead Vancouver.

Kirk’s ability to rise above a challenging childhood built character and compassion and instilled in him a principled work ethic, commitment to community and constant sense of service. The son of a single mother, he and his family didn’t have a lot of resources, but his circumstances served to create the quality of perseverance and the motivation to excel.

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