Dr. Eli Konorti, MBA, P. Eng.,
President, AMS Consulting

Eli is a senior- level consultant experienced in all aspects of planning and implementing simple to complex solutions in both the private and public sectors. Eli specializes in assisting mid-market and entrepreneurial organizations achieve measurable top and bottom line improvements. Mr. Konorti’s consulting services include strategic planning, performance improvement, process re-engineering, change management, operations and quality improvement, financial planning, and human resources oriented programs.

Eli has held senior management positions in both public practice and private industry. He is a former Consulting Partner with Ernst & Young. Prior to co-founding AMS Consulting, business-consulting firm that helps mid-market companies improve profitability, he was President and CEO of Stork Craft Manufacturing.

Eli’s hobbies include woodworking and painting, and he loves walking his dog.

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