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Fraser BallantyneAs a 35-year career veteran in education as a teacher, counselor, school administrator and District Human Resources Manager, Fraser Ballantyne has always strived for excellence in delivering the highest quality teaching for our Vancouver students. His experiential base of working closely with New Canadians/ ESL, Downtown Eastside inner city youth, and Southside youth in five secondary schools has given him a strong insight of the issues and concerns of students, parents and teachers in Vancouver.

Fraser is interested in developing an atmosphere of transparent, professional discourse for all employee groups from trades, supervision aides to teacher unions and administration focusing particularly on local points of view and issues, and what the new Board could do better, in terms of bringing all sides together for the betterment of public education.
Fraser stands firm on Vancouver’s need for sustainable funding from the Provincial government and will continue to work as part of a team approach to increasing and expanding federal funding for ESL related settlement issues.

Working from the framework of “life-long learning”, Fraser is interested and excited about the increase of community use of our school facilities to meet the demand for youth activities, senior programs and community learning.

Fraser graduated from the University of British Columbia in Education and went on to finish his Masters of Education in Program Development and Leadership.

Over the past 20 years, Fraser has worked closely with Professional Development for teachers, Student Leadership focusing on School Climate, Multiculturalism, and Social Responsibility within schools and the community.

Over the past 5 years at the VSB Head Office, Fraser has also worked collaboratively with the Vancouver Elementary and Secondary Teacher Associations, and the VSB Senior District Management team, regarding all aspects of yearly budgets, teacher hiring, and the distribution of staffing for Adult Education, District Programs and Secondary Schools.


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  1. Kelly Snyder

    Good Morning Mr. Ballantyne,

    You came by my parents house yesterday in Kerrisdale. I passed on your pamphlets to them – my mom said she went to high school with you. She is a school secretary, my dad is a teacher, and my brother is a TOC. I just wanted to let you know that you have my vote.

    Thanks for popping by.



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