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George Affleck doesn’t just love Vancouver – he lives Vancouver. He is the founder of a boutique marketing and publicrelations company based in Yaletown. He lives just a few blocks away and makes a point of walking to work when he can. George and his partner,Amanda, share three children who attend different schools downtown, in False Creek and in Kitsilano and he spends much of his family time taking the kids to sports events, singing or art classes.George is often asked why he is running in this campaign. His answer is simple: Because Vancouver Matters. Born in the Lower Mainland and having lived the “Expo 86 Experience” before travelling extensively, it was inevitable George would return home to Vancouver to raise his family.It’s this passion and commitment George wants to bring to civic politics; to ensure our community thrives so Vancouver Matters to each and every one of us.George’s passion for his city means he is strongly committed to groups in his community; his company, Curve Communications, works closely with arts groups, not-for-profits and small businesses, he is chair of False Creek Elementary Parent Advisory Committee, is a member of the board for the Vancouver Children’s Festival and is past chair of the Vancouver Comedy Festival and the Cooperative Auto Network (now Modo).Contact:

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