February 24, 2016 NPA

NPA City Councillor Melissa De Genova delighted to see Killarney Seniors Centre move forward to the construction phase

After more than a decade of discussion and delays, NPA City Councillor Melissa De Genova says she and the entire NPA team are delighted to see the long-awaited Killarney Seniors Centre finally moving forward to the construction phase and shovels in the ground.
This morning, Vancouver City Council voted unanimously in favour of awarding a construction contract for the new Seniors Centre to the Ventana Construction Company as the Design-Build contractor.

De Genova says she applauds the Killarney seniors who have worked tirelessly for decades to make the centre a reality. They will soon get to see and enjoy the fruits of their hard work and perseverance.

“I am thrilled that the Killarney Seniors will finally see the South East Vancouver Seniors Centre become a reality. This group of committed individuals have worked tirelessly for decades to ensure that this centre would be built and that it would be there to serve East Vancouver’s 27,000 seniors,” said De Genova.

“As a Park Board Commissioner, and now a City Councillor, I worked with the seniors and the community, as well as the provincial and federal governments, to ensure that this seniors centre would be delivered. I made a promise to the community that our NPA team would work tirelessly to deliver this project for the seniors. The road to this project becoming a reality has been a bumpy one, and after putting forward several motions over the past several years I am thrilled that today we reached the final step and can now look forward to shovels in the ground.”

Along with De Genova, NPA City Councillors Elizabeth Ball (Council liaison to the City’s Seniors Advisory Committee) and George Affleck are also looking forward to seeing this long awaited project completed.

Likewise, on Monday night, the NPA-led Park Board voted unanimously in favour of awarding the contract to Ventana Construction and getting the seniors centre project underway.


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