October 19, 2016 NPA

NPA Councillors disappointed by decision to politicize Vancouver neighbourhoods

Vancouver, B.C., October 19, 2016 – NPA Councillors are baffled by Vision Vancouver’s decision to assign two Councillors to each of Vancouver’s twenty-two neighbourhoods. Vancouver has an at-large system that allows voters to choose 10 Councillors citywide to represent them.

Councillor Melissa De Genova is concerned by the process and the lack of answers from the Mayor with regards to the way he chose individual Councillors for liaison positions. “Nothing about this process is fair and it is the neighbourhoods that lose out. This is Vision Vancouver’s attempt at a mini-ward system. At least with a ward system the electorate gets a choice. Today, Vision made that choice for Vancouver voters” said De Genova.

De Genova holds the opinion that this is politically motivated. “It might have been more fair if he had picked names from a hat. When I asked the Mayor what metrics he used to place Councillors, he admitted that there were none. He could have used highest votes and election data, or assigning Councillors with fewer responsibilities to a greater number of neighbourhoods or the most densely populated areas, instead he assigned a Vision Councillor to every neighbourhood.”

All three NPA Councillors voted against Vision Vancouver’s motion on January 20, 2016 to assign neighbourhood liaison positions to Councillors. “Vancouverites have voted firmly against Wards. This form of ward-lite as an early campaign exercise is both inefficient and confusing to the public” stated Councillor Elizabeth Ball.

“I stand by my opinion that we were elected to represent Vancouver at large. I will continue to do that and attend any specific residents’ needs whether I’m a liaison in that neighbourhood or not” Said Councillor George Affleck.

NPA Councillors are committed to representing all Vancouver residents equally and will continue to respond to correspondence, issues and concerns from Vancouver residents and voters citywide.

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