March 9, 2017 NPA

Open Letter from Former NPA School Trustees

On October 17th, 2016, we publicly raised concerns about the work environment at the Vancouver School Board. Our concerns and other allegations of wrongdoing resulted in the commissioning of the Goldner Report, an internal Vancouver School Board report that an independent expert was retained to investigate and prepare as per School District #39 (Vancouver) Harassment in the Workplace Policy. On March 7th, the Vancouver School Board released the redacted confidential version of the report.

The School Board’s primary mandate is to facilitate the effective teaching and learning of students. As trustees, we always respected the sound advice and well-considered recommendations provided by our senior staff. Senior staff, the education experts whose expertise and experience are essential, need to have a healthy environment to ensure the proper functioning of the school district.

The Goldner Report confirms the public statement the former NPA School Trustees made in their October 17, 2016 release calling for action to end the toxic dysfunction at the Vancouver School Board. To question the validity of the report is not helpful in moving forward to ensuring that our education experts have a healthy place to work for the betterment of all students in Vancouver.

While the Goldner Report identifies and confirms the issue that we raised, WorkSafeBC, who has the broader mandate to make specific recommendations, still has to issue its report on bullying and harassment.

This has been a difficult time for all of us. We look forward to learning about the recommendations of the WorkSafeBC report and how they will be implemented for the good of the Vancouver School Board staff and all of the students.


Fraser Ballantyne
Penny Noble
Christopher Richardson
Stacy Robertson

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