NPA President BC Lee and Director Suzanne Scott celebrate Vaisakhi.

NPA President BC Lee and Director Suzanne Scott celebrate Vaisakhi.

Dear NPA Members and Friends:

Last year’s cliffhanger election established a new chapter in civic politics in Vancouver. With your help, we elected three NPA Councillors, four NPA School Board Trustees and a new NPA majority Park Board. We are humbled by the increased support and we will continue to work hard to engage Vancouver citizens by presenting a balanced and pragmatic approach to civic governance.

The NPA exists to support the election of the most suitable candidates for Mayor, Council, Park Board and School Board based on the qualities of integrity, capability and devotion to the broad public trust. Our goal is to build a dynamic, global city that is livable, culturally rich, and capable of generating real economic prosperity.

As we move forward in our engagement with Vancouver citizens, and seek better solutions and better public policies on their behalf, we will continue to uphold our non-partisan spirit and ensure that all participants, with a wide range of political views, are welcome in the NPA. The NPA is a big tent. We are inclusive and we strive at all times for the improvement of our civic government.

I would like to thank Peter Armstrong for his dedication and commitment as our NPA president over the past three years. Without his steady leadership our organization would not be where we are today.

Thank you for your support and your feedback as we continue to find new ways to connect and communicate with our members, our friends and all Vancouver citizens.

B.C. Lee
NPA President

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  1. Utterly disgusted.What an argraont council.How can they be allowed to be so biased toward there own plans?Are there not rules against them doing it. Surely some sort of independent checks are needed?As for David James so labour are just as bad around here.He seemed to had no idea about residents views despite supposedly representing us. If he’s that out of touch he should do the honourable thing; resign. He wont of course. All politicians think they know best. Disgusting.

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