The Vancouver NPA has existed since 1937 and has elected 11 Mayors, along with hundreds of council, school board, and park board members. The NPA is a big tent coalition of liberals and conservatives. Our purpose is to build a dynamic, global city – a city that is liveable, culturally rich, and generates real economic prosperity.

The NPA is a civically-focused political organization – we stand for the following:

  1. Support the election of the most suitable candidates for the offices of Mayor, City Councillors, Park Board Commissioners and School Trustees in the City of Vancouver. Suitability will be based on integrity, capability and devotion to the broad public trust.
  2. Support the hiring and fostering of professional, experienced civic management at every level in the City of Vancouver, to run our city with proven best practices and innovative thinking. City management should not be political; they must be focused on what is best for our city, its taxpayers and residents over the long term.
  3. Manage the City’s budget with the utmost prudence and respect for every single dollar of taxpayers’ money. The City’s budget and financial records must be open, transparent and understandable. Where permitted by governing law and technical capability, data on civic operations and activities should be freely accessible by private citizens in real time.
  4. Support and celebrate the diversity and multicultural richness of our city. The City of Vancouver has been diverse and multicultural from its earliest days and we will continue to foster inclusion and understanding.
  5. Support the thorough engagement of neighbourhoods and listen sincerely to the opinions of citizens regarding any development or re-development in their neighbourhood. We will carefully pursue density planning to create affordable housing options while respecting existing neighbourhoods.
  6. Build a vibrant Vancouver economy, by growing business, promoting innovation and embracing entrepreneurship, to foster well-paying jobs and economic opportunities for Vancouver residents. We respect the businesses that create the jobs that support our city and we want to – and will – foster their success.
  7. Develop, and continually enhance, our transportation system and infrastructure to serve all Vancouver residents. We support properly planned bike lanes that do not negatively impact our city, its residents, or businesses. We believe bike lanes can be built with the safety of residents in mind, while also having a positive effect on traffic flow and mobility that does not negatively impact the movement of goods and services or sacrifice ease of access to local businesses.
  8. Support smart environmental policies and practices that stand the test of time.
  9. Encourage a dynamic arts and culture sector that respects and values the artists living and working in our communities and the contribution they make to the vibrancy, success, and well-being of our city.
  10. Pursue social justice strategies for those Vancouver residents who are in need of help and cannot help themselves, working in partnership with other levels of government, community organizations and the private sector.
  11. Work with the Province of BC to have the finest public school system in the world.
  12. Create, maintain and enhance our public parks, gardens, facilities, and community centres to provide culturally rich and healthy experiences for Vancouver residents. We believe that the strongest voice in the management of the community centers should be the neighbourhoods they serve. Our recreation centres should be the finest in Canada


If you believe in these principles and goals please join us at


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