May 16, 2015 NPA



Dear NPA Members and Friends:

Last year’s cliffhanger election established a new chapter in civic politics in Vancouver. With your help, we elected three NPA Councillors, four NPA School Board Trustees and a new NPA majority Park Board. We are humbled by the increased support and we will continue to work hard to engage Vancouver citizens by presenting a balanced and pragmatic approach to civic governance.

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Our thanks and appreciation to our donors for making the ongoing activities and effectiveness of the NPA possible. With your continued support, we can strengthen relationships and build an even more effective organization; in the present and leading up to the next municipal election.

– B.C. Lee, NPA President

CAUCUS UPDATE – Engaging with Communities and Citizens; Putting Election Promises into Practice

The past several months have seen our eleven-member NPA Caucus actively connecting with Vancouver’s communities and citizens and putting NPA election promises into practice. There has been a shift in the power balance in our city as our Caucus works to restore trust in civic government. Below are some recent Caucus highlights and accomplishments:

PARK BOARD – New Priorities and a More Respectful, Collaborative Tone

The NPA majority on the Park Board, Commissioners John Coupar (Chair), Casey Crawford, Sarah Kirby-Yung (Vice Chair) and Erin Shum, has successfully fostered a more respectful, collaborative working tone at the Park Board. The Board’s priorities have also shifted under the leadership of the NPA majority; notably to the proper maintenance of our city’s parks and boulevards and rebuilding the Board’s relationship with the Community Centre Associations.

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SCHOOL BOARD – Improving Relationships and Getting the VSB Back on Track

Under the guidance of Chair Christopher Richardson, our NPA School Trustees, Fraser Ballantyne, Penny Noble, and Stacy Robertson are endeavoring to establish a new tone at the Vancouver School Board; one that strives to be civil, constructive and collaborative. In particular, our NPA School Trustees have been working to improve the VSB’s relationship with the Ministry and Minister of Education; a relationship that was strained under the previous board.

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COUNCIL – A Strong Voice for Responsible, Accountable Government

Our NPA City Councillors, George Affleck, Elizabeth Ball, and Melissa De Genova, continue to be a strong voice for responsible, accountable government. Over the past few months, they have successfully brought forward several motions in the public interest.

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In the coming days, our Caucus members will be reaching out to you, our members and supporters, to keep you up to date on their activities.

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NPA BOARD UPDATE – A Renewed Strength and Commitment

The 2014 civic election spurred the NPA to make an even stronger commitment to being a full-time presence as a political party between elections. To that end, the NPA Board has established several working committees focused on fundraising, outreach, policy development and communications with the aim to strengthen our relationships in the city and build an even more effective organization.

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Congratulations to our new NPA President, former NPA City Councillor, BC Lee, and to our Vice President, Erin Chutter. Congratulations, as well, to Tanveer Siddiqui who will continue as the NPA Secretary and to NPA Treasurer Jason King. The appointment of a new NPA Executive follows our recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Italian Cultural Centre on February 26, 2015. We would like to congratulate all of our newly-elected Directors: Gregory Baker, Johnny Cheung, Erin Chutter, Carling Dick, Jay Jagpal, Jason King, Kirk LaPointe, BC Lee, Ken Low, Rob McDowell, Suzanne Scott, Tanveer Siddiqui with Laura Campbell elected as Under40 Chair and Paul Tolnai as Under40 Vice Chair. They are joined by Board appointees Mark Angus, Cameron Mackenzie, and Terry Yung.

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We welcome your involvement. Please contact us at if you would like to get involved, and please click here if you’re able to donate financially.