NPA Vancouver is a civic elector organization formed to support the election of the most suitable candidates for the offices of Mayor, City Councillor, Park Board Commissioner, and School Trustee in the City of Vancouver. Suitability for office is based on the qualities of integrity, capability, and devotion to the broad public trust. The NPA attracts members with a broad range of political views and has operated continuously since 1937.

The NPA has elected 11 Mayors and hundreds of City Councillors, Park Board Commissioners, and School Trustees. Our purpose is to build a dynamic, global city that is liveable, culturally rich and capable of generating real economic prosperity.

The following statements from the NPA Vancouver By-laws are representative of the NPA’s philosophy:

Municipal levels of government should act for the benefit of the people and should allow every individual the freedom of worship, speech, assembly, opportunity, and initiative.

Individuals have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labour and to own private property, and individual enterprise is generally preferable to government intervention.

Civic progress and stability can only be achieved by upholding the law, accepting social responsibilities, and accomplishing change by intelligent planning.

In recognition of the broad range of political views reflected in the membership of the NPA, candidates and Caucus members are not bound by any particular political policy or agenda.


Any person whose name appears on the list of electors for the current year of any municipality or regional district with the Province of British Columbia may apply to the directors for membership in the NPA, and on acceptance by the directors shall be a member.*

However, with respect to the nomination of candidates seeking NPA endorsement for civic office, the following special voting eligibility rules apply under Section 20 of the NPA by-laws:

With respect to the endorsement of candidates seeking office for Mayor, Council, and the Park Board, only members who are registered or legally eligible to be registered as a resident elector or “non-resident property elector” of the City of Vancouver for the current year, as defined under the Vancouver Charter, may vote.

With respect to the endorsement of candidates seeking office the Board of School Trustees, only members who are registered or legally eligible to be registered as a resident elector or “non-resident property elector” of the City of Vancouver, as defined under the Vancouver Charter, or members who permanently reside in the University Endowment Lands, may vote.

The following membership requirements and rules, although not exhaustive, also apply:

A membership applicant must complete an approved NPA membership application form, and pay the respective membership fee, as prescribed by the directors.

The membership fee must be paid for by the applicant or a member of their household.

The applicant must be a Canadian citizen 18-years of age or older and a permanent resident at the home address under which they have applied for membership.

The applicant must provide the NPA with the address of the applicant’s permanent residence, and proof of such residence if requested by the directors.

The applicant must not be a member of any other civic party in Vancouver.

If accepted by the directors, the membership of an applicant is deemed to commence on the date the application form was first received by the NPA, even if acceptance by the directors occurs at a later date.

A person must be a member of the NPA for thirty (30) days prior to any meeting to vote at the meeting, including a candidate nomination meeting.

The NPA reserves the right to refuse any membership application or renewal of membership should it feel that to do so is in the best interests of the NPA – an NPA membership is only valid if the application is accepted by the NPA Vancouver Board of Directors and its Membership Committee.

Membership Fees

$10 per year, or $25 for four years, Students $5, Seniors $5 (65 and over)


Each prospective member is required to complete the online membership form and must enter their full name, address, telephone number, and email address, as well as complete the “referred by” section along with their payment information, in order to be approved. Each prospective member’s membership must be paid for by the applicant or a member of their immediate household. Payment can only be made by credit card.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].