ANN-MARIE COPPING Park Board Candidate

Ann-Marie Copping is a native Vancouverite who is passionate about the city she calls home.  She attended Little Flower Academy and graduated from Magee High School; and she studied at the University of British Columbia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Ann-Marie’s work career includes many Vancouver based organizations including A&W, White Spot, Expo 86, Intrawest and Ocean Wise Conservation Association (formerly the Vancouver Aquarium).  After 25 years in business, Ann-Marie switched careers and managed the Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood program across Canada for the past 7 years (leaving in June 2018 after growing the program significantly). Working for an environmental conservation organization allowed her to gain a significant new appreciation of the impact consumers and business can have on our environment based on the choices they make. The Ocean Wise program positively engaged seafood suppliers, distributors, restaurants, retailers and hotels.

Ann-Marie has been responsible for leading teams, strategic planning, revenue and customer growth, cost savings, marketing strategy and overall administration of national programs.  Ann-Marie worked for 25 years in foodservices and resort supply chain management, negotiating and managing purchasing agreements for North American wide independent and chain restaurants, hotels and resorts, before changing to the environmental non-governmental organization (“NGO”) world.  She has been a member of the Vancouver Aquarium since she was a child and as a native “westcoaster”, spending time on the ocean and in the mountains has always been a priority.  Ann-Marie was a Board member of the Conservation Alliance for Sustainable Seafood, an international network of like-minded environmental groups, and she actively worked with the Global Sustainable Ratings Alliance and the Global Ghost Gear Initiative. Working collaboratively with other International Sustainable Seafood NGO’s was immensely valuable since raising awareness around sustainable seafood and solving fishing and aquaculture issues requires an international, multi-stakeholder approach.

Ann-Marie has always been involved in individual and organized sports and she can still be seen bike commuting, at yoga and Pilates classes, skiing or golfing. Ann-Marie worked for UBC intramurals, organizing team sports events during her time at University. She was also the Intramural Female Athlete of the Year while at UBC.

Ann-Marie spent 6 years on the national Board for Kids Help Phone after chairing the BC Region and co-chairing various galas fundraisers and the Walk for Kids Help Phone for many years. Ann-Marie was on gala fundraising committees and the Parent Advisory Board for her daughter’s school.

Ann-Marie has a lifelong relationship with Vancouver’s parks and beaches, as a competitive youth runner, learning to swim and later training as a life guard, walking her dog, playing with her children and family, and as a former marathon and half marathon runner.

Ann-Marie and her family live in Dunbar in a home that has been in her husband’s family for 80 years.