“I am saddened to hear of yet another violent attack on our city streets, this attack involved a suspect with a weapon attacking police officers while they were sitting in their car. These aggressive crimes are becoming far too commonplace in our city.

Not only does the public in Vancouver not feel safe on our streets anymore but we are now experiencing blatant daylight attacks on our police officers.

I am grateful that the officers and the suspect, who was shot on the scene, are now all recovering from their injuries. Our thoughts are with them and their families.

The media coverage of this event has disappointed me, as it at times has been far too quick to accuse our officers.

I want to extend a personal thank you to Chief Palmer and the VPD team for the exceptional service they provide in keeping residents and visitors safe.

I am committed to making Vancouver safe once again and supporting our police officers however we can. As a city, we cannot continue down the path we are on with respect to public safety. It is time for real action to be taken to keep our city safe”