JUSTIN P. GOODRICH City Council Candidate

Justin P. Goodrich is the managing partner at Alliance Public Affairs Group; a Vancouver-based consulting firm that predominately works with non-profit agencies and First Nations organizations throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

A community newspaper columnist, and former community radio host and television host, Justin has spent his entire adult life tackling a wide-range of political and social issues.  With a passion for both public policy and social justice, Justin has always sought to play his role in helping others and making a positive contribution in whatever community he has resided in.  In recent years, Justin has been heavily involved with several social and affordable housing developments in the Fraser Valley – something he is particularly passionate about.

An accomplished public speaker who has done keynote engagements not only within Canada, but also the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore, Justin is known for both his humour and his authenticity when speaking to an audience. Drawing from his own life experiences, Justin opens up to audiences about his personal challenges and the importance of remaining resilient.

From living on his own since he was 18 as a result of a broken relationship with his father, to living with chronic neck and back pain as a result of a motor-vehicle accident involving a distracted driver running a red-light, to two major health challenges – a testicular tumour and a brain tumour, the latter of which saw him undergo surgery in early 2016 – it’s fair to say that his journey hasn’t always been very easy.  However, committed to not allowing himself to become a victim of his circumstance, Justin now uses those experiences to inspire others.

Additionally, Justin is an aspiring academic who holds a Master of Laws in diplomacy & international law with a concentration in international criminal law, terrorism and the jurisdiction of the international criminal court.  As such, from time to time Justin guest lectures at the University of the Fraser Valley where he holds the distinction of Chairman Emeritus with the UFV Alumni Association.  Ultimately, Justin hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in peace-building.

Since launching his bid for council back in January of this year, Justin has been promoting the importance of striking a healthy balance between economic prosperity and social responsibility.  “What I love about today’s NPA is its truly progressive nature. Everyone I have met believes in the importance of good governance while caring for everyone in the community. It’s this balance that is key to a holistic, strong, and vibrant city.”

In his spare time Justin – who rents an apartment in the West End with his partner, Dylan (and their cat, Schatzi) – is a lover of the arts, culture and music.  To that end, he and Dylan try – at least once a week – to put an evening aside to enjoy some live music!