Live streaming coming to Vancouver School Board meetings and committees

June 28, 2018, Vancouver, B.C. – The Vancouver School Board (VSB) has voted unanimously in support of NPA School Trustee Lisa Dominato’s initiative to have school board and committee meetings live streamed and digitally archived.

In December, Dominato brought forward a motion “to explore the feasibility of live streaming and video archiving the Vancouver Board of Education meetings and Standing Committee meetings to increase citizens’ access to education proceedings and decision making.”

As result of the motion, VSB staff recommended at a recent Management Co-ordinating Committee meeting “that the Board of Education directs staff to investigate a live streaming solution for Board and standing committee meetings for implementation in September 2018.” The recommendation was presented to the Board on June 25 and received support from all VSB trustees.

“This is an important step towards strengthening transparency and accountability at the VSB,” said Trustee Dominato. “It’s not easy for busy parents to attend board and committee meetings. Live streaming can help promote citizen engagement and has been welcomed in other jurisdictions.”

A number of school districts, including Surrey, Langley, Victoria, and Nanaimo-Ladysmith, have recently adopted live streaming of meetings. A number of city councils, including the City of Vancouver, also offer live streaming and recording of proceedings.

In 2012, the NPA championed live streaming of Vancouver Park Board meetings to create greater transparency and public access to the Board and its decision making processes. The Park Board adopted live streaming in 2015 and it has been well received by the public.

“Many civic governments, including school boards, are adopting live streaming to increase citizen access to local proceedings and decision making,” said NPA School Trustee Fraser Ballantyne. “I believe this step supports good governance and transparency.”