NPA Nominates John Coupar As Mayoral Candidate. A Bright Future.

Vancouver, B.C., Monday April 5th, 2021

This morning the NPA is excited to announce that it has nominated long-serving Vancouver Park Board Commissioner, Mr. John Coupar, as its Mayoral Candidate for the 2022 municipal election.

Mr. Coupar has won three consecutive elections as Park Board Commissioner and has an extensive background both in business management and in protecting and enhancing our parks and environment.

Mr. Coupar was President of a successful carbon neutral delivery company, while concurrently protecting Vancouver Parks as an elected Commissioner.

“John Coupar represents the best of Vancouver. He understands the critical importance of our businesses and livelihoods and can balance that deep understanding with the environmental and livability concerns we all have” said NPA President David Mawhinney.

Mawhinney continued “John has been a leader on the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, which is often where the most consequential debates about the future of our city take place. John has handled these debates deftly, and brilliantly. John has clearly demonstrated his energetic ability to deliver for the people of Vancouver”.

What is also clear is that the ineffectual, ideological leadership of Vancouver’s current Mayor has resulted in tax increases, a worsening homelessness crisis and the Mayor himself complaining that the city is nearly bankrupt.

“We can turn this around. I know how to do this. I want everybody to be optimistic about our future again” said Mr. Coupar.

“I look forward to putting the future of Vancouver back into the hands of Vancouver residents. I look forward to delivering pragmatic solutions which actually benefit and make the lives of Vancouverites better. A bright future” Mr. Coupar continued.

Mr. Coupar’s connection to Vancouver is multi-generational, with his father being the first Director of
Vancouver’s iconic Bloedel Conservatory. A landmark that Mr. Coupar was instrumental in saving and

“I have a deep love and respect for our city. We deserve better leadership. I look forward to collaboration
with our hard-working elected NPA Councillors, Park Board and School Board. I’m excited about our
future together”.