Candidate Gold

Candidate Gold

FRASER BALLANTYNE School Board Candidate

First elected in 2011,re-elected in 2014 and 2017, Ballantyne has served as a trustee and VSB Board Chair. As a 40 year veteran in education; as a trustee, teacher/counselor, school administrator and a part of the District Management Team, I have always strived for excellence in delivering the highest quality teaching for our Vancouver students. My experience base of working with ESL, Downtown Eastside Inner City youth, Aboriginals, in 5 secondary schools, has given me a strong insight of the issues and concerns of students, parents and teachers in Vancouver.

I am interested in developing at atmosphere of transparent, professional discourse for all employee groups; from trades and supervision aides, to teacher unions and administration, focusing on local points of view and issues, and what the Board could do better, in terms of bringing all sides together, through meaningful consultation, for the future of public education in Vancouver.

I stand firm on Vancouver’s need for sustainable funding from the Provincial government and will continue to work as a part of a team approach to increasing and expanding funding for programs like the Band & strings & ESL related multicultural support workers that directly impacts our students and parents.

Working from a framework of us all being “lifelong learners”, I am interested and excited about bringing an increase of community use of our facilities to meet the demand for youth activities, senior and child care programs and community learning.

I stand for high quality educational delivery—strong fiscal responsibility and equal opportunity for all students. The ESL, Aboriginal, and most fragile students in our community need all the support they can get from our senior staff—and we’ll do our utmost to see that it gets delivered into our unique neighborhoods.

Our NPA team is a strong viable alternative to what the VSB now needs…stability & trust that we can do better…so much better for our students!