Schools plan

Improving Student Outcomes and Support for Families and Teachers

Our plan to empower students, teachers, support workers, families, and community partners to reach their full potential, together (the “School Plan”)

5 Immediate Steps to Better Our Schools

Educational Excellence

Student achievement requires safe and inclusive facilities, and excellent teaching and support staff. Essential to this is the quality and diversity of programming within our schools.  NPA Trustees will:

  • Champion the expansion of the Reading Recovery literacy programs;
  • Work with staff and stakeholder representatives to establish and implement a District Mental Health Strategy;
  • Enhance supports for students dealing with substance use challenges; and
  • Work to further develop music programs, diverse language programs, multicultural home school support, and other services that meet the unique needs of students and families.

Improving our Neighbourhood Schools

Students and their families need a safe and engaging place to learn in their neighbourhood. NPA Trustees will:

  • Expedite capital construction and seismic upgrades to all neighbourhood schools, including:
    • Working with the city to fast-track building and development permits for school facilities; and
    • Championing the provincial government and community partners for capital resources;
  • Work with local technology sector partners to increase access to classroom technology tools and resources;
  • Ensure new playgrounds are accessible for a wide range of abilities, and improve accessibility of existing playgrounds, where possible; and
  • Advocate for the grandparenting of siblings in the event of any changes to school boundaries.

Supporting Vulnerable Students

  • Re-affirm our commitment to SOGI 123, so that all students can feel safe and respected
  • Prioritize and fully-fund early identification, designation and personalized programming for learners with both special needs, and gifted needs
  • Improve supports for all other vulnerable students, including both English language learners and Indigenous students

Accountability and Transparency

Vancouver School Board Trustees are mandated by the School Act to present a balanced budget.  NPA Trustees will ensure:

  • Accountability and transparency as to how school funds are prioritized and allocated;
  • Good governance and policy short-falls of past Boards are not repeated; and
  • Funding is allocated and stewarded, wisely.

Community Partnerships and Supplemental Support

It is vital to the success of our learners and their families that the Vancouver School Board provide opportunities for before and after school care and enrichment programs in and outside of the classroom.  NPA Trustees will encourage and promote these efforts, by:

  • Establishing a district-wide, school-based revenue generation strategy to encourage local individuals and philanthropic organizations to support educational opportunities such as bursaries, food and emergency intervention programs, and music and arts programs;
  • Re-establish the Vancouver School Foundation; and
  • Strengthening partnerships with the City and Park Board to enhance community-use of school facilities, including providing space for seniors, childcare and other community groups.